Physiotherapy is the set of methods that aim to recover an activity or function lost or diminished due to trauma or disease, pain reduction and, ultimately, improve the quality of life of our pet.

There are several pathologies that are likely to be treated by physiotherapy, such as neurological problems (hernias, degenerative diseases, neuralgia, paresis, …) muscle problems (atrophy, myositis, adhesions, …) joint problems (dysplasia, osteoarthrosis, dislocations, etc.). ) and bone problems, as well as certain fractures. We have an external physiotherapy and animal rehabilitation service given by Ana Tudela, a veterinarian licensed by the University of Murcia in 2008. She completed the physiotherapy and rehabilitation specialty in 2013 at Vetsia Veterinary Hospital, with Gema del Pueyo. In a first consultation, we will carry out an adequate study of your pet to be able to establish the therapeutic plan adapted to their needs and pathologies.

There are different methods such as TENS, low frequency electrotherapy equipment that uses the technique of transcutaneous nerve stimulation for the treatment of pain, EMS, used to tone and strengthen the muscles and ULTRASOUND, which accelerates the rate of healing and improves the quality of injury repair. By appointment, you can arrange a physiotherapy consultation in our facilities.

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