Preventive Medicine


Preventive Medicie

One of the most important pillars in medicine, since the veterinarian, apart from curing diseases, has the important function of preventing the occurrence or aggravation of existing ones.

Vaccination: Vaccination is a clinical act of great importance for the health of pets; only a veterinarian can assess their health status, the appropriate age, a correct deworming and other necessary circumstances to obtain a good immunity.

Antiparasitic treatments: we will advise you which is the most suitable deworming guide for your pet depending on the area where you live, the family situation, for example if there are small children at home, and the age of your pet. Through antiparasitic treatments, we are also protecting ourselves, not just them, since many of these parasitisms are zoonoses can be transmitted to humans.

Prevention against leishmaniasis and filariasis: Very frequent and serious diseases that we have in our area. Both need a vector (the dreaded mosquitoes) to be transmitted. At Clínica Veterinaria Europa, we can advise you on the best preventive products to prevent your dog from becoming infected with these serious diseases.

Prevention of periodontal disease: it is very important to protect our pet’s teeth and gums, since due to bad hygiene, other more serious diseases can appear. Through dental cleaning with ultrasound, we will be able to eliminate that dental plaque avoiding the appearance of bacteria, bad smell, retraction of gums and finally, teeth falling out.

Obesity control and correct feeding: each animal has different requirements depending on the breed, age and weight. It is very important to have a balanced diet, since with it we will avoid problems such as obesity, inadequate growth or metabolic problems consequence from a bad diet.

Geriatric checks: from a certain age, the importance of early diagnosis of diseases such as heart, metabolism or lung problems, is very important, since it will make a big difference in the quality of life of our pets.

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