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Clinica Veterinaria Europa offers a wide variety of services with which you can solve and prevent any problem related to your pet in Tarifa (Cádiz).

We love our profession and animals and we love people. We have a great team and new facilities with a very advanced team to continue taking care of you.

Veterinary Specialists In Tarifa

Our Services


Surgery service to treat the different pathologies that cannot be corrected medically, as well as performing sterilizations, to prevent unwanted pregnancies and avoid subsequent pathologies such as uterine infections, breast tumors, testicular and/or prostate tumors.

Internal Medicine

Internal medicine is the medical-veterinary specialty that is dedicated to the care of the patient, from diagnosis to non-surgical treatment of diseases of the different organs and systems.

Preventive Medicine

One of the most important pillars in medicine, since the veterinarian, apart from curing diseases, has the important function of preventing the occurrence or aggravation of existing ones.

Feline Medicine

Our team has extensive experience in handling and treating felines, so your cat will be in the best possible hands.


It is very important in the recovery that the animals are in a quiet and stress-free environment, so in our clinic, you will find two separate hospitalization rooms for dogs and cats.

Analysis Laboratory

We have our own analysis laboratory where we can perform analytics in the moment, giving faster attention in emergency situations.


We currently have one of the most modern ultrasound equipment on the market, the Mindray DC70 with various probes for abdominal and cardiac studies.


We have the Intech Futura indirect digital radiography equipment, which allows us to have fast and quality images.


We have the Cardioline VET 600 equipment. a digital electrocardiograph capable of simultaneously capturing and digitizing 7 ECG leads and printing them with the integrated thermal printer.


HDO (High Definition Oscilometry) is a revolutionary solution for blood pressure measurement in dogs and cats.

24 Hour Emergency Service

If you require the specialized attention of a veterinarian outside the usual hours of consultation. Tel: 699280334


By appointment, you can arrange a physiotherapy consultation in our facilities.

Specialized Store

In our store you can find different types of food for your dog or cat, as well as a variety of accessories and toys.

Dog grooming

Hairdressing service and aesthetic advice for pets.