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Travel with your pet

Travel with your pet it is increasingly common. And for this, we must know exactly the necessary requirements that we will need to enter a foreign country with our furry friends.
The importation requirements for animals in a country are established by the country that they are entering. For this reason, the first thing you should do if you are going to travel with your pet (or going to send it) to a third country, is to consult with the Embassy or Consulate of the country of destination the conditions of importing your pet.
Keep in mind that some countries require special vaccination and waiting times before entering the country, so from Clínica Veterinaria Europa, we recommend that you plan your trips with your pets in advance to avoid unexpected surprises.

Travel to Europe

Travel to Europe with your pet


To travel to the EU from Spain your pet must be identified with a microchip, have a European passport and be vaccinated against rabies with a valid vaccine at the time of travel (At least 21 days must have passed from the date of rabies vaccination in case of primary vaccination).

If you go to the United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta, Finland or Norway, in addition to the above, you must treat your pet against Echinococcus multilocularis between 24 and 120 hours before arriving in the country of destination and must be properly completed and signed by a veterinarian.

To enter Spain from an EU country the animal must be identified by microchip, have a European passport (in which the sections “owner”, “animal identification”, “marking”, “expedition of the passport” and “rabies vaccination” must be completed) and be vaccinated against rabies with a valid vaccine administered at least 12 weeks of age, so animals under 15 weeks of age are not allowed into Spain.

Trip to Morocco

Trip to Morocco with your pet


In the case of wanting to travel to Morocco with your dog or cat, you must meet certain requirements to enter Morocco, but also, and more important to be able to re-enter the European Community.

For entry to Morocco, an animal export certificate is required. This document is issued in official animal health centers, the nearest one in the case of Tarifa is located in the port of Algeciras.
For the issuance of said document, it is necessary to previously carry out an Official Health Certificate, which certifies that the animal does not have any symptoms of infectious-contagious disease and that it is vaccinated and dewormed both internally and externally. This document can be done at the veterinary clinic.
For more information on this point you can go to the website of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food:

For the return to Europe from Morocco it will be necessary that the pet is identified by microchip, have a European passport for the movement of pets (in which the sections “owner”, “animal identification”, “marked”,”Passport issuance “and” rabies vaccination “), and must be vaccinated against rabies with a valid vaccine at the time of travel and duly stamped in the passport.

In addition to the above, it’s necessary to have a rabies antibody certificate to enter Europe, this means that it is not enough that the animal is vaccinated against rabies, a blood test is necessary where it is certified that the level of antibodies against rabies is greater than 0.5UI / ml and must be duly reflected in the passport in section V.

In order to carry out the serological test against rabies, at least 30 days must pass from the rabies vaccine (in case of a first vaccination), a blood sample is taken and sent to one of the laboratories authorized by the European Union. You have to take into account when planning the trip, that the results may take between 10 and 15 days to arrive, so it is recommended to do the paperwork with time.

Once a result greater than 0.5UI / ml is obtained and as long as the animal continues with its vaccination schedule (always within the deadline) this document will serve the animal’s entire life.

In the case that the animal travels to Morocco without this document, you must complete the procedures there before returning to Europe, in this case, you have to spend 3 months there after obtaining a result higher than 0.5UI / ml until the animal is allowed to enter Europe.

For more information about the above or if you want to travel to another country, we recommend that you consult the pet export protocol and the website of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

Travel the world

Travel the World with your pet


If the destination of your trip is a third country outside of Europe, we recommend that you request an appointment at Clínica Veterinaria Europa at least one month in advance to be able to advise you as best as possible on your future trip.

Keep in mind that some countries require a quarantine period before you can enter it, so the sooner you start the procedures, the sooner you can travel.

However, it is always necessary to consult with the embassy of the country of destination, where they can guide you on the necessary documentation for your pet to enter the country.