Specialized Store


Specialized Store

In our store you can find different types of food for your dog or cat, as well as a variety of accessories and toys. For more information about our products, you can visit the Store section where our assistants and veterinarians can guide you on the needs of your pet depending on their breed and age, both in food, and in the type of toy.

In addition, we have different items for the hygiene of your pet, such as shampoos, perfumes, wipes, since it is not advisable to use human hygiene products on animals due to the difference in pH of the skin, which could cause various types of pathologies.

Animal feeding You can find dry and wet food of the following brands:

Royal Canin
Royal Canin Diet
Purina Proplan
Lily’s Kitchen


Nylon and rigid muzzles
Beds and mattresses
Cat scratchers
Hygiene products

Also, if you need or want a product that we do not have at the moment, we will do everything possible to try to get it for you.

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